First thing every Dubai visitors should know is that Dubai is situated among the Gulf countries and is the second biggest of the United Arab Emirates. Despite being located in the middle of the oil wealthy region, Dubai’s earnings from oil account for just six percent of its GDP. Nevertheless, Dubai is massively revolutionary and prosperous in  Edifice construction. Advance in numerous industries,  and also with a fantastic instance of progress.

Dubai is hugely innovative and successful in construction and development in various industries and is a great example of progress.  Dubai has established herself into global attention such that it has blossomed} into a magnificent modern-day city out of what used to be once a small barren land.


 Transportation Options to Dubai

When Dubai is the question, air flight is the best option to visit Dubai. Located in the middle of the Gulf State. For this reason, it is strongly advised to take a flight


Accommodation Options

Dubai is quite a first-class city. This is mirrored in the hotels that are there. A remarkable Sails hotel stands out at the waterfront and is a stunning view. Dubai also has a variety of conventional hotels that take cares of everybody’s needs and purse.


Dubai past history

When you look back at Dubai history, you will learn the revolution in Dubai started recently. Dubai did not stand among the huge fishing port of the world until the wake of the nineteenth century. However, Dubai began to develop immensely in the seventies. This city actually began to develop as a result of interest from foreign traders. Dubail effectively developed herself among the international business market and no longer depend on revenue from oil.

Dubai in the sixties.

Dubai in the sixties.

Sights and attractions

A striking attraction to every Dubai visitors is that the structures are certainly the highest amazing features to see in Dubai.  Try to visit the Dubai museum as it offers fantastic preliminary information on the Emirates. The latest development is the Palm Island. A man-made complex founded in the Arabia Sea. From the space, it gives you a view of a Palm tree. One more phenomenal invention that is presently being designed in Dubail is the World. A variety of man-made islands that are accurately formed to bear resemblance with the World from the space.

Top Museum in Dubai

Top Museum in Dubai

Visit Dubai Dance Fountain

Visit Dubai Dance Fountain

Dubai Palm Island gives you the picture of a palm tree from ski


Eating and Drinking

 Dubai is famous for its superb variety of intercontinental cuisine. Eateries are the greatest banqueting alternative, though the prices are a little on the high side. There are a lot of pubs lounges and amusement sports for visitors searching for late evening excitement. With over two hundred presence of nationalities, Dubai is foodies delights. There is surely something for everyone on the menu.



 In case you are a visitor who enjoys shopping and you are traveling to Dubai, again you are in the right place. Shopping is one of the reasons many people take a trip to Dubai. You can shop for just about everything in Dubai which is a trade free zone 

 Regardless of its rich oil deposit, Dubai made less than six percent of its GDP from oil revenue. Dubai has turned itself into the darling of the world by embracing modernization just from a humble beginning.  


Dubai Mall is great for shopping